The REAL reason your marketing isn't working

If you are a heart-centered or spiritual entrepreneur and your marketing isn’t working… it’s not your fault! Find out more in this free webinar presentation…

Are you a Heart-Centered Entrepreneur? Scared of marketing and technology?

There is a safe way to step out into the spotlight and market yourself “from the heart”…

You are a Heart-Centred Entrepreneur or a heart centred business who wants to good in the world. Maybe you are a Holistic Practioner or a coach and you are truly awesome at what you do but you are done with finding clients one at a time.

You don’t believe that people need to struggle financially in order to do good work in the world. In fact quite the opposite; in order to do your best work and help the people you are here to help you need to be supported financially.


  • You struggle to get new clients
  • Advertising traditionally is nearly impossible as your services just don’t translate into a box advert in the local paper
  • Networking feels like it is really hard work because people just don’t “get you”. You struggle to explain your business and are intimidated by the very thought of speaking to anyone in the corporate world

You’ve known for some time that in order to help and serve more people (earning more money would also be nice!) you need to embrace the Internet age and take your business on-line. But even the thought of it gives you that horrible feeling in the pit of your stomach and it makes your heart sink.

You hate the way some people market themselves on-line. It can be so pushy and “salesy” and you just don’t want to go there.

Technology terrifies you and even the mention of Facebook or Twitter makes you cringe.

If you don’t already have a website the thought of dealing with a traditional “techie” fills you with horror. You don’t know what you need and trying to explain what you “do” makes you feel totally inadequate.

If you do have a website, maybe you feel it’s not quite right (probably due to an encounter with previous mentioned “techie” where you didn’t know what you needed!). You know that you need something that does more than just sit there looking pretty but the thought of having to deal with “those people” again fills you with horror. Having to wait for people to update your website as your business grows and expands frustrates you and leaves you feeling powerless.

So your website is still just a dream or worse still is getting more and more out of date by the day.

You’ve been burying your head in the sand and doing nothing….

But Enough is Enough!

What if there was a magical person who could help you? Someone :

  • who could speak to you in a language that you understood?
  • who really “gets you” and what you are trying to do?
  • who could hold the vision for what you wanted to achieve with your business leaving you free to work from your zone of genius?
  • who could help you to find ways to make more money whilst holding on to your integrity and authenticity?
  • who believed in collaboration rather than competition?
  • who felt like an old friend holding your hand every step of the way?

Introducing ME! (Blushes!)

Andrea BeadleI am passionate about helping Holistic Practioners, Coaches and conscious entrepreneurs embrace the Internet in order to get more clients, reach more people and make more money.

I won’t just build you a website (although I confess I love that part!). I will use all of my skills and gifts to help you to fully develop your heart centred business and find and embrace your message so that you can express it in your marketing.

I believe in marketing where your words come from your heart and soul, in a way which totally embodies what you are here to do and expresses it through every piece of your on-line marketing.

I will build you a website with heart; a beacon that fully expresses who you are and draws in the clients you are here to help. A platform that allows you to embrace the wonders of technology and draw in the clients you are here to serve from around the world!

I can support you with “done-for-you” on-line technology or very patiently teach you how to do things yourself. If you want to be able to update your own website easily and quickly, I can teach you that too. After all, you probably need to express your healing messages through your writing and deep down you know that you need to be “blogging” (even though you are not really sure what that means!).

I’m Andrea and you can read more about my story here but in summary I just love to help people with all the stuff that terrifies them. Websites, Capture pages, Squeeze pages (if you even know what they are – and no it is nothing to do with oranges!),  technology and anything to do with on-line marketing and social media.

I like to think of myself as a “one stop shop”. No more having to deal with 3 or 4 people who don’t have time to communicate with each other to get something done. I can either do it for you or arrange for it to be done under my tender loving care.

Need a bit of tender loving care as you learn to embrace technology? I can do that for you too! I will hold your hand all the way.

Not sure how to develop your expertise into something that you can market and sell on-line? I can help you to see how it all comes together and figure out the best way to move forwards – in baby steps if you have to!

I’m currently updating my website with all of my exciting new services but please feel free to contact me if you think I might be able to help you.

With love and light


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